Chris (he/they) is currently finishing a BFA in Print Media at Concordia University.  They are focusing on the processes related to print and the documentation related to those. Chris is not and never will be an extremely prolific artist, some of their work is done from a requirement of the process being researched. Don’t try to find them in galleries, they don’t have the desire to be featured in a gallery as they see their role as an artist as something more akin to a librarian than anything else.

Artist Statment

I’m a printmaker, I focus on intaglio, screenprinting, and alternative processes of printing. I research parts of the art that are being lost due to either a lack of documentation or the process being abandoned. Parts of that research led me to work on processes like steelfacing, engraving copper plates using electricity, or even laser, making my own ink in the research for a deeper blacker black.

I work at the intersection of science and art. I don’t usually print with the intent to make an art piece, I print to understand the process and because I need to do it in order to evaluate whether or not the process works as intended. In that, documentation is essential as my goal isn’t to keep the knowledge for myself but to share it, enabling others to create the best art they can.

When I do print with an intent, I focus on my personal anxiety and my general personal struggles around mental health in order to create works that exteriorize those into a format that I can use to explain better what I feel as using words for me is sometimes a foreign concept (go figure how I was able to write those paragraphs…).

Transformer notre quartier en galerie

En considération de notre contexte actuel la consommation d’art est de plus en plus difficile mais de plus en plus essentiel. Donc, la question qui se pose est: “comment se réinventer, comment se permettre de consommer de l’art au quotidien”. Est-ce que l’utilisation de la cartographie peut nous permettre de créer un mode de consommation hybride de l’art, une portion digital pour les personnes qui ne peuvent se rendre sur place ainsi qu’une portion analogue au géo caching où il est possible de partir à la recherche des œuvres et faire en sorte que les deux portion puisse interagir sur l’art qu’ils/elles ont été en contact. C’est ce que cette expérience cherche à voir.

Avec la portion artistique de ce projet, j’ai cherché à créer quelque chose qui serait un incitatif à sortir de la monotonie du travail en ligne et mettre un brin de sourire sur le visage des gens à un moment ou tout devient de plus en plus gris pour les mois à venir. D’une certaine façon ce projet était pour moi une méthode pour faire face à ma propre monotonie ainsi qu’à mon anxiété de ne plus voir les feuilles d’arbre, j’en ai donc placé sous forme de mobile dans mon quartier question d’avoir une raison de sortir, voir si les gens interagissent avec ce que j’ai fait.

Weird printing tips

Weird printing tips is a zine where I’ve catalogued some of the odd knowledge about printing that I have accumulated throughout my BFA. Knowledge for an art that is somewhat obscure and that some of it’s practitioners are literally dying with their knowledge most of the time because they didn’t have anyone to pass it to, in my opinion, imperatively needs to be catalogued in a way that is more up to date and also open source without any barriers for acquisition.

Please download, print and distribute as you wish.