Artist Statement 

My practice examines manifestations of narrative, belonging, colonial legacy and the rendering of the notions of truth. Inspired by the interactions of production of knowledge, artifacts, folk literature, visual culture and how they interact with social constructs and our environment. My practice unfolds new narratives through installation, video, painting and sculpture. 


Lisa Mayes (b.1975, Edmonton, AB, Canada) born of Acadian, African American, Muscogee Creek, Irish and Scottish heritage lives and works in Montreal. Mayes produces multidisciplinary works about diaspora, the other, place and heritage affected by intergenerational trauma. By situating herself as the storyteller, Mayes effectively reclaims the story and subverts established narratives to make room for the other and welcomes a reimagining place of inclusion. Since the late 1990’s Mayes has been an interdisciplinary artist with a background in theatre, dance and visual arts. Mayes received her BFA in Studio Arts and Minor in Art Education at  Concordia University in Montreal. Currently, she is a graduate student in Drawing and intermedia at The University of Alberta. Her work has been exhibited nationally, including the Royal Alberta Museum, Alberta Art Gallery, Scott Gallery, Latitude 53 and in the cities of Edmonton, Vancouver and Montreal.